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We take pride in delivering the most up-to-date, innovative hose technology and top-of-the-line customer service. Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to meeting the unique needs of insulation contractors, distributors, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) alike.

At Handcrafted Hose, we understand the importance of investing in quality products. Our state-of-the-art spray insulation hoses are designed to optimize yields, ensuring precise and uniform heating for enhanced profits. We offer a wide variety of product options, meticulously engineered for durability, flexibility, and ease of use. Our hoses are manufactured using the highest-grade materials to meet the most rigorous of industry standards.



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We are proud of the work and quality of hoses we provide. At Handcrafted Hose we extend a 12-month warranty to all customers – assuring the durability and dependability of the hoses we sell.

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We work to integrate both honesty and excellence at every step of the supply chain – from ideation to delivery, our good name depends on it.

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Delivering exceptional customer service is our core business and we believe in placing priority on extending the best customer service in the industry.

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We understand that in order to stay competitive in an industry with constant advancements in technology, our team has to prioritize creativity and innovation throughout the hose development process.

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Dan King, founder and CEO, is no stranger to the construction industry. With nearly 20+ years as a contractor in excavation and cell tower construction, in addition to his work framing houses, installing trim, remodeling homes, and taking on miscellaneous farm and ranch work throughout high school and college days, Dan launched Handcrafted Hose out of his personal realization and frustrations surrounding the need for more high-quality, domestically-made, handcrafted products. Determined to bridge the gap between the high-quality, expensive heated hose products in North America and the lower-priced, poor quality options being imported, Dan launched Handcrafted Hose to better protect contractor profits, improve their quality of life and ultimately, add to their nest eggs.

Growing up in Whitewright, Texas and having attended Texas A&M Commerce, Dan’s love for the Lone Star State has remained with his current residence and office headquarters in Denton, TX. When not working hard on the job, you might find Dan spending time with his wife Elizabeth, his children and grandchild, or big game salt water fishing with his buddies. 

Dan’s love for the industry’s camaraderie, constant evolution, and the dedication of its contractors are a few of the driving forces behind his hard work and passion for this business and customers. His favorite quote by E. Lambert – “To be good is not enough when you aspire to be great” – is certainly a testament to not only his character as a business owner, but moreover, Handcrafted Hose’s continued growth and success as an industry leader in a sea of competition.



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